Mission and Vision


Create forums and initiatives to define, clarify, educate, advocate, and coordinate projects for solutions to racial discrimination and institutional policies and systems in a way that allows hope, opportunity, and success in the quality of life for minority citizens.


To create a society where all members of the target community have a fair and equal opportunity for success.

Our path….

There are three routes to impact the many issues addressed in the book. Each of these categories fall prey to the issues of discrimination and unequal treatment and institutionalized racism (The New Jim Crow) prevalent in today’s society.

Hope and Opportunity

How and what needs to be done to help people of color develop a climate of hope and to establish better life opportunities.

Prevention and Support

Establish steps and interventions that would be supportive from the first encounter with law enforcement through the judicial system and period of incarceration.

Re-entry Support

For those transitioning back into the society upon completion of their retribution.