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The Coalition plans topics and invites speakers for monthly public discussions in Wilmington and Newark.

Wilmington Monthly Meetings and Event:

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Dr. Yassar Payne Explores An Economic Cause of Violent Crime:

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Event Timing: December 9th, 3-5pm
Event Address: Congregation Beth Shalom – 1901 Baynard BLVD, Wilmington, DE 19802

The Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow, along with its co-sponsors, are grateful to have Dr. Yasser Payne conduct a solutions-oriented workshop.

What is the connection between violence and poverty? Dr. Payne will explain how black and brown communities living in poverty and deprived of economic opportunity are more likely to experience violent crime. Participants will leave more knowledgeable about root causes of violence, and ways to advocate for better economic opportunities for our communities.
Among Dr. Payne’s research and publications are the results from the Street Participatory Action Research (Street PAR where members of the community were the researchers) project, The People’s Report and Video. It documents the link between structural violence and crime in Wilmington. His new Street PAR project is with Christiana Care, examining the relationship among opportunity, health and violence in the Northside and Westside neighborhoods of Wilmington.

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Newark Monthly Meetings & Events:



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