Youth Engagement & Action

A Powerful session With Youth

Involvement, dialogue, powerful questions, what can we do?

42 individuals in attendance.
– age 10 and up
– students (UD, DSU, public)
– 2 non- Delaware residents
– 50% Wilmington residents
– Approx. 13 adults

Powerful dialogue: questions and answers informed by all in the room.
Led by co-facilitators:

– Marcello Bradshaw, 24, Mentor UWDE
– Jahlihl Coleman, 17, UD student
– Jeremy Collins, 35, civil rights attorney
– Michael Grayson, 12, youth contributor

Discussion question
How is power and success influenced by
– education?
– economics?
– environment?

Our youth had particularly powerful questions on:
– role of govt. in police brutality
– political power driven by money
– knowledge vs. education
– are the people more powerful than the govt?

They asked, what can we do as youth?
– show up, find power in numbers, not just for events but when it counts (city council)
– accountability through social media, hold politicians accountable for their “promises and speeches”
– be a voice and a role model for what’s right
– vote, discussed how to register and the importance of voting
– run for political office, mobilize around trusted adults to elevate them for office
– influence positive values as a role model to peers
– connect with a mentor
– be a mentor to a younger person in need