Employment: Employer’s Perspective

Employment from the Employer’s Side

Monitoring, outreach, training, mentoring, readiness

What follows are the “raw notes” from the forum “Hope, Opportunity, & Race,” held at the Chase Riverfront Center on Nov. 14., organized by the Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow. Captured by meeting facilitators, they represent ideas discussed at five action-oriented workshops held during the forum.  These notes are not definitive and do not represent the position of the Coalition, but rather reflect the unmediated concerns and ideas of participants in the forum.

In the weeks following the forum, these action items will be evaluated, sifted, sorted, and assigned to existing Action Committees. In some cases, new working groups will be formed to address issues not already covered by the Coalition’s existing structure. They will be further refined at the Coalition’s open public meeting on December 7 at Hanover Presbyterian Church.

Check the Coalition’s meeting schedule and join the conversation in person.  Your comments are also welcome at feedback@endnewjimcrow.org. 

Actions to reduce inequities from employer’s perspective

  1. Employers to measure and report on
    • Diversity and hiring practices of African Americans
    • Professional and career development opportunities for African Americans
    • Developing options for career path for under-served populations.
    • Training line management and recruiters on racial bias, gender and age bias, using tax incentives and other qualifications.
  2. Offer job fairs and internships in the most impoverished zip codes.
  3. Have the Chamber of Commerce provide a platform to lead discussions on how to hire employees in impoverished zip codes.
  4. Encourage corporations/ employers to sponsor soft skills, job readiness training and GED programs
  5. Employers to offer jobs training on real-work problems inside their own organizations and offer timely feedback for rejected candidates
  6. Coaching and mentoring: Employers invite prospective candidates/college students/high school students to shadow people, learn about various jobs and career tracks with their company.
  7. Ban the box on all first-round job applications; look later at more sensitive jobs requiring security
  8. Help potential employees understand stipulations for employment: Find application on line, get details, qualifications for the job, questions that they will ask etc.