Outcomes: Forum Notes and Feedback

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Nearly 500 people attended a Nov. 14 public forum organized by the Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow. They heard a wide variety of voices from the local community, artists, activists, and academics addressing structural inequalities in the criminal justice, social, and economic system that negatively impact the poor and persons of color.

The forum concluded with five action-oriented workshops designed to gather ideas from the community on the most pressing problems and possible solutions. The interfaith Coalition will be focusing on the results of those workshops at its next open public meeting on Monday, December 7, at Hanover Presbyterian Church. Meeting details.

The “raw notes” from these workshop sessions are linked below. Captured by meeting facilitators, they represent ideas discussed at five action-oriented workshops held during the forum. These notes are not definitive and do not represent the position of the Coalition, but rather reflect the unmediated concerns and ideas of participants in the forum.

Comments on these notes are welcome at the December 7 meeting or by emailing


Notes from Court System and Judicial Process
Notes from Police–Community Relationships
Notes from Employment: Employee Perspective
Notes from Employment: Employer Perspective
Notes from Youth Engagement & Action