Bail Reform In Delaware


Join us to urge Delaware’s Senators to act swiftly to reform Delaware’s ineffective and unfair bail system. Call your senator today using the Find My Legislator online tool. Click here to download the Coalition’s full flyer: CTDNJC Final Bail Reform Flyer

Why Reform Bail? Defendants with resources are released— regardless of their threat to public safety— while those without resources are detained and suffer its damaging effects, even if they were arraigned only for a petty crime. Black and Latino detainees spend more than a week longer in jail on average than whites when they cannot make bail. Delaware needs to take money out of the equation, because the bail system unfairly burdens the poor and people of color.CTDNJC Final Bail Reform Flyer_Page_2

Today’s current bail system is infringing on individual rights, persecuting the poor, and doesn’t prioritize public safety. Click here to download Delaware Center for Justice, Inc.’s flyers on  Individual Rights and  Public Safety.

Focus on Fact Sheet, HB 204 and Public Safety 10-12-2017Focus on Fact Sheet, HB 204 and Individual Rights 11-01-2017